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«تظهر أحياناً أخبار متوسطة الأهمية لا تستحق أن يفرد لها مقال كامل لذلك نقدم مقالاً مجمعاً أسبوعياً لنجعل القار ... »

«... die Liste daher nur für den November zur Verfügung. #YouTubeRewindDE: die erfolgreichsten Videos 2016 — GoogleWatchBlog Wir auf Google+ — Wir auf Facebook»

«Президент Nintendo of America, Реджинальд «Реджи» Фис-Эме, представил несколько игровых новинок компании на вечернем ... »

«The hype is building for A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, as they have released a new trailer for the Lemony Snicket series and it looks like the childhoods of the Baudelaires children was n ... »

«Förra årets mest hypade film ” Fifty Shades of Grey” lämnade massor att önska konstnärligt. Av anledningar som jag inte tänker fördjupa mig i lockades i varje fall många till biograferna o ... »

«Alle Jahre wieder…haut YouTube gegen Jahresende einen Clip raus, in dem das Videoportal seine eigenen Highlights des zur Neige gehenden Jahres Revue passieren lässt. Hier auf dem Blog hast du ja sc ... »

«Allegro’s ad — which, be warned, contains a sweary moment — is about a grandpa from Poland who we find out is desperately learning English before he visits his family, including his adorable lit ... »

«Er dauert zwar nicht einmal 20 Sekunden, dennoch macht der erste Teaser-Trailer zum neuen Comic-Film „Spider-Man: Homecoming“ Lust auf mehr. Darin wird offenbar ...»

«The folks at Screen Junkies have done up an Honest Trailer for DC’s summer film Suicide Squad. The trailer takes some good shots at the Warner Bros staff, the script and the overall DCEU. But seems ... »

«There are certain news stories that are simply too outrageous to be believed and this one definitely falls right into that category. Making the rounds in today’s ridiculous news stories is one which ... »

«Cette information n’est plus une rumeur, elle est validée par Qualcomm. Les derniers SoC Snapdragon sont compatibles avec Windows 10. Vidéo à l’appui. Microsoft avait déjà tenté l’aventure ... »

«... little logo that could, we spotted this OSI/ OSHW looking logo in the latest trailer for “ The Circle” the movie. Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better. Previous OSHW logo from 1935. ...»

«Madonna popped her Carpool Karaoke cherry last night, proving she’s the most flexible, twerking 58-year-old driving the streets of New York City. Corden and Madge belted a few calorie burners, like ... »

«Essential Ways To Increase The Search Engine Optimization Of Your Respective Website Or Blog SEO might be something that’s hard to understand. There are several factors which influence the success o ... »

«Justin Bieber and Fifth Harmony had the most watched music videos this year, and tbh we’re not surprised This year has been kind when it comes to music, and now the year’s biggest music videos hav ... »

«“Everything we do sends a signal about who we are.” So begins the promotional video introducing the Lexus LIT IS, a special version of the Lexus IS with 41,999 programmable LEDs that sends a signa ... »

«Thread Starter Kangaroo headlocks dog then gets punched by man Follow 6 minutes ago 6m ago»

«Peranti mudah alih dipercayai akan menjadi platform paling popular di masa hadapan menggantikan konsol sedia ada. Tidak mengejutkan Nintendo yang terkenal dengan konsol mereka kini mula menghasilkan p ... »

«... Wanna Know Video Paling Popular Peringkat Global 2016 1. Adele Carpool Karaoke 2. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/ PIKO-TARO 3. What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle? 4. Nike Football Presents: The Switch ...»

«Ohhh, what can I say about La La Land? If you’ve seen the trailer or photos, you probably already think it looks dreamy. I can confirm that it is. But with one foot in reality, too. The premise is ... »

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