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«Avui us vinc a parlar sobre un video que ens ha ensenyat el nostre professor d’informàtica. El vídeo tracta de la difrència del que somien les persones amb salut i amb recursos comparats amb els ... »

«... target is always a wolf. Except when it isn’t. To take an example from the “American Sniper” trailer (which, as something of a movie-theater junkie, I’ve seen more times than I can ...»

«1: :2015/01/26(月) 26日放送の「5時に夢中!」(TOKYO article/ detail/ 9717488/ 動画 2: :2015/01/26(月) 22:50:41.18ID:1kW ... »

«Soulful starlet set to release sassy new single March 23rd London-based Scarlet Baxter is set to release another infectious track sure to get you moving this summer. With an ever growing fan-base, Sca ... »

«Kindle deals for Christian readers Jesus, the Only Way to God: Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved? by John Piper—99¢ God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment: A Biblical Theology by James M. ... »

«The Machismo’s are making a comeback following a lengthy break from the industry, and their new album, ‘Britpop Fucked My Wife’ is set to stir up a storm and get you moving, be it on your mornin ... »

«どもども!こんにちは。 現在おなら体質改善プログラム 「G-STOP」マニュアルレビュー特集中です(^^) おなら体質改善プログラム ↓↓ おなら体質改 ... »

«Mark Ronsons neues Album “Uptown Special” ist eine Parade illustrer Gastauftritte. Wir fragen: Hat die Scheibe musikalisch mehr zu bieten als den derzeit unvermeidlichen Hit “Uptown Funk”? Wo ... »

«Do you sell things on the Web? Are you interested in getting some fantastic ideas for marketing your items? If you do, video marketing might be what you have actually wanted. By producing videos and ... »

«1: 名無しさん@おーぷん 2015/01/24(土)20:52:49 ID:Bfl ZnNPUbal10c 21:00過ぎたあたり ほんとすこ、むしろ泣いたわ 引用元: ・ 続きを読む»

«It’s Monday!! Time for a Musical Monday post!! Linking up with Miss Angie over at My So-Called Chaos again. This week’s song is Thinking Out Load by Ed Sheeran. I ADORE this song. <3 LOVE <3 That ... »

«Love is lovely, isn’t it? Lovely, lovely love. What a splendid, charming and not-at-all dangerous or aggressive emotion. Oh, no shaking us out of our comfort zones here, no sirree. So let’s all s ... »

«Nouvelle rubrique sur le blog, toutes les semaines, je ferai un point sur les sorties que j’ai retenu. Il n’est pas question de tout répertorier, mais au moins ce qui est susceptible de m’inté ... »

«... 1 (2014) - J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller Movie HD - YouTube Whiplash TRAILER 1 (2014) - J.K. Simmons, Miles Teller Movie HD - YouTube»

«... it all the way real, as kids do. The post Talking with Kids: Here is what little kids think Taylor Swift is all about appeared first on HelloGiggles.»

«Charass comes out with the visuals to his 2014 smashing record Coco butter (Remix) which features HKN Gang, Davido and rapper Phyno This captivating flick was directed by Adasa Cookey of squareball me ... »

«... film – and then, mercifully, blissfully, finally offered the solution we all need: casting himself in the film, effective immediately. (Source: YouTube/ Last Week Tonight With John Oliver) ...»

«Das ist Wallace. Wallace liefert mit seinem quasi durch Gemüse angetriebenen Pappwagen ein Fläschchen Bier. Damit schließen wir dann für heute hier auch die Zoo-Abteilung. Besser wird es nicht meh ... »

«Rihanna, Kanye West y Paul McCartney han decidido unir sus fuerzas y grabar la canción “FourFiveSeconds”. El tema, que podéis escuchar en la noticia extendida, no tiene nada que ver con lo que v ... »

«... “ Welcome to New York,” and “ Out of the Woods” all potentials hits in waiting. 6. Chandelier/ Sia (#8 US) But I’m holding on for dear life Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes Keep ...»

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