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«It’s finally here; the long-anticipated addition to the new set of accumulating Disney live action remakes, which includes the hugely popular Maleficent (2014) and Cinderella (2015). The official tr ... »

«I didn’t forget to cover Adele in the Billboard Music Awards round-up on Monday, I just wasn’t sure if I should devote a post to her new music video. Should I have done it? There was so much othe ... »

«Η Google ανακοίνωσε ότι το Project Ara εξελίσσεται κανονικά και ότι τα πρώτα μοντέλα θα βρεθούν στα χέρια των προγραμ ... »

«... einigen Wochen immer wieder Kurzfilme, Teaser und Trailer zu Overwatch (aktuell cPRRupAM4DI). Aber auch mehrere kurze Comics wurden bereits online released und können auf ...»

«... replace my @Moto_USA RAZR. #motorola #razr — Geoffrey (@high_life_papi) May 4, 2016 The promo video ends with a cryptic “TTYL,” along with the date: June 6th, 2016. We’re looking forward to ...»

«... vino8529031/status/ 734564663942352896 10:00 - 2016年5月23日 動画 watch? v=pMtn6prvxXE 9: 目潰し(兵庫県)@\(^o^)/ 2016/05/23(月) 19:20:45.74 ...»

«いよいよ舛添都知事窮地か? 水を朝鮮飲みする舛添氏、出身は朝鮮。 2:02~: 日本国民の声 そして妻も取材にきたマスコミに逆切れ。 舛 ... »

«Ariana Grande is riding high right now. Just last week, the pop princess released her third album Dangerous Woman to positive reviews. And now, she unleashes the sexy video for “Into You.” Directe ... »

«John Oliver’s recent take on the primary process was on the mark, especially the part about how Clinton can’t do anything right: Yes, the process definitely needs to change. For one thing, we need ... »

«Chewbacca mom’s takeover of the internet continues. Chewbacca mom — whose real name is Candace Payne — rose to web celebrity status last week after she posted a video of herself uncontrollably l ... »

«Attention! Cet article contient des spoilers. Alors que la saison 6 de Game of Thrones bat son plein, HBO a dévoilé la bande-annonce de l’épisode 6, intitulé Blood of my Blood. Margaery Tyrell p ... »

«... course history, recent form and statistics. Dean & Deluca Inv: Picks/ Preview | Bets/ OAD | Full Preview | Quick Picks | One & Done | Key Stats | DraftKings PGA 101 D& D on-demand: Scott | Spieth | ...»

«إذا كنتم من محبي لعبة باك مان الكلاسيكية يسرنا أن نخبركم بأن هذه اللعبة ستجد طريقها للأجهزة المنزلية وPC قريبا ... »

«... then installed Steam on the desktop OS. Blasphemy! Convenience!.. consoles are computers too! OsirisX says they used GitHub user fail0verflow’s patched Radeon libraries to make Arch Linux run on ...»

«TRAILER TUESDAY! We look at the latest trailers and what they might reveal about big upcoming releases.. STAR TREK: BEYOND We see more of the villain ( IDRIS ELBA!). Tone seems to reconcile old school ... »

«Himeji Castle (photo by Bernard Gagnon) Himeji Castle dates back almost 700 years and is the largest and most visited castle in Japan. The central tower is a monumental 5-tiered structure (in reality ... »

«Cei de la Netflix fac eforturi semnificative pentru a rămâne relevanți într-o piață incredibil de competitivă, iar parteneriatul recent cu Disney s-ar putea să fie exact ce au nevoie. În cont ... »

«Les “ couch gags” des Simpson ont encore de beaux jours devant eux. La preuve avec ce générique modulable en forme de clin d’oeil aux fameux meubles Ikea»

« Android TVセットトップボックスや スマート炊飯器なども製造している。 Amazonで現在一番売れているのはSYMA X5C Explorersで、価格は 43ドル49セントだ ... »

«A celebrity birthday party that was a little off, jokes written by 10 year-olds and the revival of an SNL skit featuring an inebriated co-worker, that’s what you missed last week in late night. See ... »

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