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«... Blake Nelson y Reg E. Cathey. . Ahora os ponemos las imágenes promocionales cedidas por 20th Century Fox. Y ahora nuestros pantallazos.»

«Messaging apps are continually evolving into more than just ways to exchange messages or even pictures. With so many out there like LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, etc, competitors are pulling out all the stop ... »

«... ポイント特典 19609 その速度はなんと194キロ! watch? v=Wm4Vt1lRfmI 4: 2015/01/27(火) 19:44:25.28 チャレンジ! 9: ...»

«... ieşit, 200 de mii de views pe un spot ca ăla înseamnă nimic (Kim Kardashian a făcut 3,6 milioane în 2 zile pentru T-mobile). Revin cu impresii săptămâna viitoare. Pentru pasionaţi: ...»

«The flashmob fever has cooled a little, but one school in Dallas, Texas isn’t afraid to put together a massive musical number in the halls. Students at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School danced thr ... »

«... and rocky outcrops from a bird’s eye view in this video, captured by Raymond Fogarty. ( Direktlink, via BoingBoing)»

«こんにちは^^ ↓↓ 超お得な特典付きで人数限定にて お届けしています。 ↓↓ ちなみに、あとはテキトー日記です。 スルーして下さい(笑) ... »

«... 21:44:43.12 寝るまで貼る ジャンルはいろいろ NqBARBKGUsI 続きを読む»

«Matt Glendinning, the Head of School at Moses Brown School in Rhode Island, announced a recent snow day with a parody of “ Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. For comparison, here ...»

«An upcoming American drama thriller film based on Tom Rob Smith’s novel Child 44. The film stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, and Vincent Cassel and is scheduled to be releas ... »

«Die Videos hier erklären euch wohl ganz gut, dass Twitter nun auch Gruppenchats kann und man da auch innerhalb der App nun Videos aufnehmen und teilen kann, was diese ganzen Apps nochmal ein Stück w ... »

«Olay Fay is An African born Irish singer -songwriter with the chances of a big future. With a soulful vocal inspired by the Motown legends his Mum used to play him, and pop sensibilities likened to Tr ... »

«Após todos os boatos de refilmagens e pressão dos fãs por material, a Fox finalmente liberou o primeiro trailer do reboot de Quarteto Fantástico. Assista a eloquente e instigante prévia, já lege ... »

«The first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four has been released and it certainly teases. There’s been many rumours about the state of the films production and this has mainly come about due to the ... »

«National Wealth Success in 2015 – Big Income Proof! At times I do show what 1 day of income looks like with National Wealth Center. This is one of those times. Mainly from the point of so many peopl ... »

«... out Snapchats promo video for Discover: If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here. With Discover, which comes just a few weeks after its unprecedented showcase of New Years ...»

«Die Porno-Industrie war schon immer maßgeblich bei technischen Entwicklungen. Betamax oder VHS? Die Porno-Industrie entschied sich für VHS. Blue-Ray oder HD-DVD? Die Porno-Industrie wollte die Blu ... »

«Four weeks into 2015, and this year is turning out to be meh. I’m doing great with my reading resolution. I’m failing hard on my no weekday drinking resolution, but I blame the “blizzard” and ... »

«... Bric Another functional fitness parody has been released, this time mimicking Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake it Off”. CrossFit Culmination put together the clip recently using the tune of the ...»

«Por fin se ha hecho publico el primer tráiler de la polémica película de Los 4 Fantásticos. De momento tengo sentimientos encontrados en lo referente a lo que vemos, no soy muy fan de los cómics, ... »

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