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«... dollars for slander and libel over comments he has made about her as a mother to their son. TMZ reports that Ciara served Future with papers this week, suing him for attacking her parenting ...»

«... was receiving treatment Monday for a possible skull fracture, police said in their statement. A video has since surfaced containing footage from the alleged incident. The argument, according to ...»

«... suffered a health scare in his native Yonkers yesterday. Continue reading below… According to TMZ, the 45-year-old rapper was found unresponsive — “not breathing” and “without a pulse” ...»

«... may be able to live on his own again in a matter of months. Welcome back, Lamar. Hat Tip – [ TMZ

«... a source close to the Georgia rapper says he thinks the allegations are absurd. According to TMZ, Future says that his ex-fiancée has been talking negatively about him in public, too. Her “I ...»

«... because she’s in the hospital. Zsa Zsa’s husband Frederic von Anhalt (Remember him? ) tells TMZ that she was taken to the hospital on Monday after she had trouble breathing at home. Before she ...»

«... dad and mom Archie and Olivia, brother Cooper, and more are all cheering on! Eli was stopped by TMZ and asked about his face, to which he responded, “I was just focused on whether they’d go ...»

«... the meantime, she’s got a trick with a magnifying glass following her son’s every move. via TMZ Multiple sources connected with the singer tell us, Madonna believes Guy has set no rules for ...»

«... see the clip, ch-ch-check it out (below) ! [ Image via WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... This is going to be such a good film! [ Image via WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... [ Vibe] Jada Pinkett Smith: Hey Academy … Black People Don’t Automatically Vote Black [ TMZ] Here’s Why Black People Should Think Twice Before Voting For Hillary Clinton [ ...»

«... and tune into this specific episode on February 23rd. SOURCE: Deadline, The Guardian, PEOPLE, TMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty [ione_media_gallery src="" id="4070174" overlay="true"]»

«... We’re just glad no one was hurt. [ Image via ABC.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... video for Secret Love Song last week, but it wasn’t until Monday that Americans were finally able to watch it in all its glory. While Perrie Edwards is usually the girl group’s frontwoman, ...»

«... think of the musician’s defense of Bill? [ Image via WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... in character! And DJing the whole thing? Skrillex, of course! After all, he was in the movie’s trailer! Luckily for us, Funny Or Die filmed it on Periscope! Ch-ch-check out the fantastic ...»

«... 2016 While we’re still recovering from this blow, we can’t help but wonder what actually confirmed performer Rihanna will be singing during the Grammys now that Champagne Papi is out of the ...»

«... it out (below)! [ Image via Sony Pictures Television.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... after a false arrest last year! Woof. [ Image via WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«The great white way, indeed! Remember how Frozen completely blew its competition away back in 2013 by winning big at both the Oscars and the Grammys? ? Well, it looks like ...»

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