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«... Sitting Right In Front Of Him. It's. Just. Great, by windsong01 Check out Bristol Palin wailin' about brawlin' and name-callin': If you listen hard you can hear Sarah Palin telling her daughter ...»

«Según Tmz actualmente Jlo esta negociando un contrato muy parecido al de Britney para establecer una ...»

« Via AmigosPresidenteLula O site TMZ é o mais acessado dos EUA sobre celebridades, com notícias e fofocas sobre artistas do mundo pop. O apoio da atriz de Hollywood Lindsay Lohan a Aé ... »

«... Hype Hair’s November Issue [ VibeVixen] Mama June — Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative [ TMZ] 30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us It’s An Epidemic [ HuffingtonPost] ...»

«... yesterday. Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez Dating? At the airport, the 37-year-old actor was questioned by some members of the paparazzi about the exact nature of his relationship with the ...»

«According to TMZ, Britney Spears is now earning up to $475,000 per show during her Las Vegas residency. The ...»

«Actress Elizabeth Peña died from complications of alcohol abuse, reports TMZ. >
On Peña's death certificate, the Los Angeles ...»

«... is set to welcome a baby via a surrogate, who is about seven months along in her pregnancy, TMZ reports. The surrogate also reportedly lives close to Bryan, and the two are friends but not ...»

«... manager- US Weekly Tori Spelling has been quarantined at a hospital for multiple illnesses- TMZ Watch a battle round by DaNica Shirey and Toia Jones- on The Voice - Gossip Cop Jonathan Bennett ...»

«... Your instinct was right, what you felt was true: somewhere in Los Angeles, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow touched. Read more...»

«... charged with lewd conduct after allegedly having sex in their car last month with the door open, TMZ reports. The whole issue came to light when the 28-year-old actress took to her social media to ...»

«... two of this show or have you tapped out? Images via Andrew Toth/ Getty Images Entertainment Source Want more Witches’ Brew?»

«... Blake Griffin. Allegedly. Per TMZ, Metro is looking into whether Griffin grabbed a phone from, choked and slapped a 39-year-old dude named Daniel. To be fair, Griffin did say he was going to ...»

hellogumdrop: 10-Year-Old Girl Meets Hillary Clinton and Appropriately Freaks Out ( x) i love how the headline’s just like, yes, this is the correct way to react. indeed.»

«... > >
katefrenchsource: Sources Shane Source image Elle magazine Hair on the Brain Gawker Bette Los Angeles Times Jenny Jewish Journal Niki AfterEllen»

«... wuz AMAZEBALLS!!!” I’m not even joking. The thing has been described as “ sweet,” “ sick,” and “ impressive” by various media outlets. Was it a good goal? Sure it was. Biebs ...»

«... writers expected to? Yes, Young Writers Should Give Their Work Away for Free When People Write for Free, Who Pays? Should you work for free? How to decide when to work for free Why The ...»

«... [ Photos: Celebrities Who Admittedly Love Eating Ass & Salad Tossing ] Just a suggestion! PerezHilton»

«... out Bryan’s baby in December and that he’s paying her $1 million to be his surrogate. But TMZ has a different story. Their source (aka Bryan’s damage control specialist) says that Bryan ...»

«... baseball in 2015, he'll have quite the eye-catching car to drive around in. According to TMZ Sports, Ramirez modified a 2014 Lamborghini Aventado so that it shoots flames out of the exhaust. ...»

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