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«... in the past and Homeland Security helped her out. As for whether or not they have any leads, TMZ says they’ve been told there’s some evidence that the hackers might be a group from Japan. ...»

«... MTV Video Music Awards and he’ll have four ENITRE minutes to do whatever he wants. via TMZ: A source close to production tells us MTV honchos are giving ‘Ye 4 minutes to do with as he ...»

«... next day to join Jennifer Lopez on the set of Shades of Blue. That didn’t happen. Sources tell TMZ that JLo was beyond pissed that Casper bailed on the Hamptons fundraiser, and she dumped him ...»

«... Captain Halitosis McBracelets WILL have the last word. Johnny’s rep said in a statement to TMZ that he will send the checks directly to Amber’s charities of choice, and he sent the first ...»

«... leave Larry for Richard until Richard was like “ errrrrrrrr” about being with her full-time. TMZ caught Larry leaving the bagel place he owns in Beverly Hills this morning and he only mumbled ...»

«... for Clinton | New York Post Syria, Kurds condemn Turkish incursion SNL’s Leslie Jones Hacked … Nude Photos Released | Putin offers Middle East peace talks | News | The Times & The ...»

«Find out which company Ryan Lochte will be working with – TMZ Kate Gosselin reveals one of her kids has special needs – Radar This dancer just got a huge ...»

«... courses than its pools. The human fish had been training at nearby Arizona State University, TMZ reports, and plans to coach there. Phelps paid a stroke over $2.5 million for the 6,000-square-foot ...»

«... on a tiny twerker who surprised him with a lap dance at a West Virginia booty club. According to TMZ, the diminutive dancer known as “Ivy” pops her pocket-sized p at the prestigious Lust ...»

«... apenas o seguinte: nada de levar namorado ou garotas que não fossem modelos. Veja a matéria da TMZ no link. Vi no Whiplash»

«... for Smart could not be reached, while a rep for Lopez had no comment. [From People] TMZ had some juicier details, like Jennifer was the one to do the dumping, and sources close to Casper are still ...»

«... much lower price: $10,800. Oh, and also, volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings would like you to know that Ryan is, “not a terrible person.” And last but not least, people are saying that if ...»

«... the full $7 million from the settlement, because he would be getting a charitable tax deduction, TMZ reports. “If Johnny wishes to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he honor ...»

«... or at least for a year or two. You can see TMZ’s video of Taylor and Todrick leaving the restaurant together here (TMZ’s videographer is SO annoying). At that TMZ link, you can also see photos ...»

«... Museum, Opens October [ iHeart Radio] Kanye West: The Stage Is All Mine At VMAs … Beware [ TMZ»

«... seven days a week, and wouldn't even let her take breaks to eat! Well, Lisa Marie is now telling reporters that White's salary was $650 a day and even had her own guest house at Presley's ...»

«... even a six-month suspension from the USOC it would be unfair . . . because that’s what they gave Michael Phelps for TWO DUIs in 2014. The post Will Ryan Lochte Do “Dancing with the Stars? ” ...»

«... concrete. The injuries varied. One person claims they suffered a fractured spine, according to TMZ. The lawsuit, which names Live Nation as a defendant, claims Snoop and Wiz influenced fans to ...»

«... in the past and Homeland Security helped her out. As for whether or not they have any leads, TMZ says they’ve been told there’s some evidence that the hackers might be a group from Japan. ...»

«... in the unwashed dystopia of ‘where the Hell am I anyway? ’ Meanwhile, Lindsey Lohan wants to go to Russia. I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then. Contemporary life is like ...»

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