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«... names her son after him – Huffington Post Chris Brown surprised his fans in Las Vegas – TMZ Gina Rodriguez dishes on Jane the Virgin character – Just Jared Jr Watch Stephen Colbert talk ...»

«... we need these days is a “good samaritan” (see, white) armed with a gun… According to TMZ reports: Plies nearly got sprayed with a real shotgun on his music video set — but lucky for him, ...»

«... TMZ Sport is reporting that his teammates don’t care for his drama. Michael Sam’s Montreal Alouettes teammates are sick and tired of the drama surrounding the defensive end … with one ...»

«... co-star, Keri Russell, is also out there and long distance relationships … never fun. The post ‘Americans’ Actor Matthew Rhys Selling LA Bachelor Pad appeared first on ilyashi ...»

«... this turtle might just end that whole “slow” stereotype thing … the dude is cruisin’. The post Amazing Video of the Reef from A Sea Turtle’s View!! appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... Donald says he has a background in construction but we think he should stick with music. The post This Homeless Man’s Talent Will Make You Cry appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... in Lindsay Lohan, they could always try to sweeten the deal by offering to let her dub the Arabic version of her commercial for an extra $200. I’m sure she’d love the practice. Here’s ...»

«... la lista de la policía para ser investigado. Esperamos vuestros comentarios al respecto. Vía | TMZ Imagen | Gtres >

«... lawsuit, another doctor said he was taking the pics to show them to Joan in the recovery room. The post Joan River’s Celebrity Doctor — I Didn’t Know They Were Taking Selfies appeared ...»

«... his secret motivation was in the Finals. Meantime, life is good aboard a $29 million yacht, TMZ reported. 8. David West, F, Indiana Pacers (Unrestricted): He opted out of the $12.6 million he is ...»

«... a sling bow to shoot her tooth out of her mouth. We gotta hand it to her, chick’s brave. The post We Dare You To Watch This Without Cringing appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... adds, “I would hope that the entire NASCAR organization would agree with my sentiments.” The post Huge NASCAR Sponsor — Boycotting Trump … He’s a Racist, Bigot appeared first on ...»

«... yet to respond to the attack. Neither has LeBron … but this could get interesting. TMZ Celebrity News for Music The post LeBron James — Mom’s Boyfriend Starts Beef with Flo Rida appeared first ...»

«... would be her second TV gig — last year, she interned on Halle Berry’s Extant, where she reportedly made coffee runs for the staff. Television and film has been an area of interest for Malia ...»

«... to look past Scott’s playboy actions. She’s more worried about him falling off the wagon. TMZ’s placing an obvious spin on the story, although it’s not clear whether they’re receiving ...»

«... It’s a message intended to shake the status quo. “Hip-hop is not the problem,” Kendrick tells TMZ. “Our reality is the problem of the situation. This is our music. This is us expressing ...»

«... Sure, it seems like fun now, but just wait until you ask Siri something important like “How much blood can a human being lose before they die? ” and she responds “Your mother.” Nothing ...»

«... Miki Sudo finished 38 hot dogs. Where’s the pepto? > The post Joey Chestnut — No Longer Top Dog … Loses Eating Competition!! appeared first on ...»

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