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«... in the Bobbi Kristina case in return for his testimony. One of Nick’s attorney, Jose Baez, is claiming that Bobbi Kristina had a history of falling asleep in bathtubs while intoxicated. He’s ...»

«... Restraining Order Against Draya Michele Orlando better watch his back! According to TMZ reports: Another crazy twist in the Orlando Scandrick and Draya Michele love saga — with a judge ...»

«... his label Cash Money Records, but it appears he is being hit with a lawsuit from another rapper. TMZ reports David Banner is suing Wayne for unpaid royalties. [ALSO READ: Lil’ Wayne Reportedly ...»

«... To Charge Nick Gordon With Bobbi Kristina’s Death Time to lawyer up, homeboy. According to TMZ reports: Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, is in the crosshairs of prosecutors who want to ...»

«... child support … ponying up JUST enough cash to keep his ass from getting arrested … again. TMZ has obtained court docs which show on October 21st, the judge in Cook County, IL made Keef an ...»

«... the reason for the weight loss. It also is just an unflattering photo. See the picture over at TMZ, and check out some recent photos of Liam Neeson below…»

«... which may arise about the cause of her unresponsiveness and eventual death [Via] TMZ explains that some of the additional information include drug tests performed by the hospital at the ...»

«... Unpaid Royalties [ VibeVixen] Tyrese – White Radio is Racist … They Won’t Play My Song! [ TMZ] Black Students In The U.S. Get Criminalized While White Students Get Treatment [ ...»

«... effet derrière elle les 20 millions de dollars héri­tés après le décès de sa mère. Selon TMZ, le testa­ment de Whit­ney Hous­ton, rédigé en 1993, avait tout prévu. Le média ...»

«... anyway”). Hear him go in on Omeeka. Just last week, Meek called out SB for twerking in an old video from a Jamaican dance battle. “This n***a SB was twerking mannnnnnnn….i always thought u ...»

«... and even claims he wrote some of his ex’s latest album, The Pinkprint (Safaree only has an A& R credit on the album). “This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face,” raps SB. “My bars on ...»

«... collection, which the thieves didn’t find. One source familiar with the investigation tells TMZ … the Willie Mays card is so rare, it will be difficult or impossible to fence it. Yikes! ...»

«... that the guy hitting you will be boxer Victor Ortiz, arrested for assault at the Chesney/ Aldean show at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl on Saturday night. All Ashley Monroe-ed out yet? I should hope not! ...»

«…and this makes more than a reason for her and husband John Legend to make a trip to Sicily to learn some authentic Italian cooking food magic. ...»

«Wonder Woman which is all set to be out in 2017 would feature Gadot and Chris Pine as her love interest. ...»

«Donald Trump, the GOP Presidential candidate would not say NO for the former Alaskan Governor to be in ...»

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