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«... strain his precious mouth muscles by speaking when he can have “ sources” speak for him? TMZ’s “Bieber sources” say that the Biebs is rolling his eyes at SeeKnd, because Selena is just ...»

«... the plug twice, was arrested on Tuesday (Jan. 17) for driving under the influence, according to TMZ. He was pulled over on suspicion of the charge and then arrested. The 40-year-old rapper, born ...»

«Lamar Odom vows to get his life together — and his ex-wife back. via TMZ: Odom opened up about his battle with drugs on “ The Doctors” — and after completing a 30 ...»

«... is back on the market again. TMZ Sports says the Los Angeles Lakers guard has broken up with girlfriend Paloma Ford. The two began dating around September, but they recently split. They ...»

«... be directed by Craig Gillespie, who was behind the camera for 2011’s Million Dollar Arm. [ TMZ] The post Caught on camera! Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya appeared first on Awful ...»

«What is Donald Trump going to do with his private jets? – TMZ Jake T. Austin reveals why he left The Fosters – Just Jared Jr Find out how Niall Horan ...»

«... just slowly threatens that Chris Brown is going to knock Soulja Boy’s ass out. He also claims that if Soulja Boy shows up, Chris Brown will make him shit his pants. Okay, I’ll admit, I ...»

«... into the upper grades side to tussle with his ex and her new dude. When TMZ’s cameraman first asked the Biebs about Selena getting with auto-spell’s enemy The Weeknd, he didn’t have ...»

«... technically need a trainer, but he got one anyway. Chris Brown has hired Mike Tyson as his coach. “ Why did I just get the chills? ” thought every operator of a domestic violence ...»

«... more than 10 years her senior — Suki’s just 25. But hey … may the force be with ‘em. [From TMZ] Suki, as we know, has no issue with age differences, having gotten fairly serious with ...»

«... school there in September. As one source put it, “She takes the mom thing seriously.” [From TMZ] In the grand scheme of things, this is not the most disturbing aspect of the Baby Fists Era. ...»

«... the Detroit pastor says his decision to attend Friday’s ceremony is an order from God. He told TMZ, “Some are very strong in their emotions of me doing this. But I look at it like this, my job ...»

«... Williams / Getty Belieber trolls are now using their internet power for evil. According to TMZ, Bryan Asrary is in custody for allegedly trolling the ‘net for Justin Bieber fans, targeting ...»

«... days of the internet, so she’s inexperienced when it comes to warding off trolls. According to TMZ, the singer pulled the plug on her inauguration performance because people threatened to kill ...»

«... wanna repay her.” The issue, of course, is that Khloe not only filed for divorce … and got it finalized … she’s already moved on to another NBA star, Tristan Thompson. Still, Odom says he ...»

«... tried to seduce NICK by having him lick whipped cream off her boobs. It didn’t work. ( Full Story) JESSICA ALBA met a cop who had her face tattooed on his arm. The post EBuzz Bites From Lady ...»

«... new year, and many people have grand plans to make it count. But even though Amanda Seyfried is becoming a wife and a mom, she doesn’t want anything to be over-the-top. In her February cover story ...»

«... take care of myself. I damn sure couldn’t take care of anybody else.” Khloé seems to have moved on — but do you think Lamar has a chance? The post Lamar Odom Apologizes to Khloé Kardashian ...»

«... Following a decision to wipe clean her Instagram and Twitter account, a move her representatives told Perez Hilton was about a “period of renewal” and “making positive changes in her life” ...»

«... to meet her little bub! Okay, okay. Getting ahead of ourselves! One step at a time. H/ T: Perez Hilton»

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