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«... in the Caribbean, and it was all because 50 Cent said the word “ motherfucker.” According to TMZ, 50 Cent was booked to host an event in St. Kitts on Saturday night. 50 Cent’s rep claims he ...»

«... socked a doorman in the face in an altercation after the BET Awards on Sunday night. via TMZ: The bouncer was working the door Sunday night at Hyde nightclub on Sunset … where Wayne and 2 ...»

«... have been clamoring to hear what the featured celebs think about the visual. Most recently TMZ caught up with Ray J and asked him his thoughts about being portrayed next to his ex Kim K. ...»

«... Check out a few photos showing the alleged damage to the property. For the rest, head on over to TMZ

«... can compete with the soul-lifting feeling of knowing you don’t work for Chris Brown anymore. TMZ says a production manager also complained about Chris Brown’s verbal threats and abuse. So ...»

«... Cannon for not being completely accurate in his new rap song ‘Divorce Papers.’ According to TMZ, Mimi is ready to move and marry her new billionaire-boo despite Nick’s feelings… As we’ve ...»

«... with bell-bottom pant legs and wide sleeves that were reminiscent of the late Prince, who died unexpectedly in April at 57. Prince left an undeniable imprint on the musical landscape but his style ...»

«... of not paying child support to the mother of one of his children. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a woman named Andrea Pearson alleges that Ochocinco did not make a $5,250 child ...»

«... to do the same to her. TMZ broke the story … Chris’ ex-manager, Mike G, sued him for an alleged beatdown. Ghosh said she refused to stay on the bus after the argument out of fear for her ...»

«... $3.4 Million Mary J. Blige might want to sing another jingle for Burger King because according TMZ, the legendary singer still owes thousands to Uncle Sam… The state of NJ dropped a new lien on ...»

«... suit … for being a “known gang associate” with a history of hosting events where violent incidents happened. He’s also suing singer Pia Mia, who was co-hosting the party. Knight claims ...»

«... She’s making money. A few weeks ago she was at a convention in Texas with a table selling autographs for $20. That’s when I started to see that haters and the hate articles come out about ...»

«... Outlier “ A man should never wear shorts in the city,” designer Tom Ford infamously once said. “Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or on the beach.” The good Mr. Ford ...»

«... QB Cam Newton as some other fans off camera yelled that he was actually greater. TMZ has the details on what happened: “Bizarre video of Colin Kaepernick … who was cornered at an L.A. ...»

«... Chris Brown blaming his poor security as the reason he got shot in the club back in 2014. via TMZ: According to the docs, Knight says Brown and 1 OAK Nightclub should have had better security in ...»

«Watch Blac Chyna go on stage at Mariah Carey‘s show and receive a special lap dance – TMZ What’s going on between Kylie Jenner and Tyga? – Radar Here are the 10 best memes from ...»

«... this amount of money.’ That’s all I know.” On Monday, Manziel fired that Lawyer according to TMZ. “Now, Manziel’s rep, Denise Michaels, says Hinton is no longer a part of Manziel’s ...»

«... the party. Knight claims since the shooting he’s had major health complications … including a blood clot. Love muffins, this is what we call a REACH.»

«... Pamela shouted “liar” and claimed he’s worth somewhere around $120 million. However, TMZ is reporting that The Hoff and Pamela reached a settlement and he’s now going to fork over ...»

«... has been bullying him with racist and homophobic comments over the phone for years, according to TMZ. The restraining order against Dr. Khadavi states that the doctor must stay 100 yards from ...»

«Video Music Awards <MVはこちらから>»

«... Way to go, Future. You totally blew your chance of being in a Bose commercial… Hat Tip – [ TMZ

«... scuffle go down, none of what the lady said was even remotely true. Skuta’s lawyer, Mark NeJame told TMZ the allegations are made up and he has the witnesses to prove it. “Eyewitnesses who we ...»

«... show people “what a classic is…” [ HipHopWired] Lil Wayne: Suspect in Nightclub Assault [ TMZ] High Profile Players Set To Be Interviewed For PED Investgation As Revealed By NFL Letter [ ...»

«... he finally gave VH1 the greenlight to move forward with a show centered around his kids. via TMZ: The show will feature Shaq’s 4 kids with ex-wife Shaunie — along with her child from a ...»

«... her face throwing her into a glass window because she refused to give him her number. TMZ has the details: “Skuta — 6’3″, 250 lbs — was arrested in Orlando on June 19th around 2 AM for ...»


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