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«... Two members of a group Bearer collaborates with live in the same apartment building and tell TMZ they were there early this morning when Christ Bearer suddenly -- without warning -- cut off his ...»

«... week and threatened to kill her and himself. According to a new restraining order -- obtained by TMZ -- Short got into it with his wife April 7 at their Chatsworth home, where she claims he came ...»

«... expect to hear poorly about. I saw in an article posted by TMZ titled Drake ACCUSED OF STEALING MUSIC And Lying About Permission, that Drake supposedly plagiarized then lied about it on his most ...»

«This is INSANE. There are currently reports circulating that during filming of "Glee" today, stars Lea Michele and Naya Rivera, who play ...»

«... Center after he apparently flayed himself during the bizarre suicide bid early Wednesday, TMZ reported. But doctors were unable to reattach the severed penis, the website reported. " [Source] ...»

«... I said staged.) But apparently many are just as eager to test their own acrobatic skills. According to TMZ, major retailers – Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart – from Georgia to ...»

«... out for her arrest for the assault of Kenya Moore at the reunion taping. Porsha’s lawyer claims she will surrender on Thursday. But Porsha isn’t going quietly. She is trying to urge the ...»

«... MILEY CYRUS may have been rushed to the hospital because of a bad reaction to antibiotics, but TMZ claims she was on the meds was because she wore herself down by hard partying and an emotional ...»

«... to stay quiet. Egan's lawyer, Jeff Herman, said at a press conference that " Hollywood moguls have been abusing their positions of authority to exploit children sexually." Herman vows to file ...»

«... among prominent sports figures are so common, we (sadly) will not hold our breath. [Image courtesy TMZ] [Pro Football Talk]»

«... original version including any supplementary images or video, visit 2014/04/12/amys-bake-shop-kitchen-nightmares/ Weekend Preview: The Return Of Amy’s Baking Company To hell with ...»

«... The WB Though Mara Wilson says she wouldn't join the Mrs Doubtfire sequel, Matthew Lawrence says he'd love to be on board! Christina Aguilera debuted her baby bump on Twitter with an adorable ...»

«... Shakur Kevin Durant Sues Former Travel Agent For Overcharging Him For Services According to TMZ reports: Kevin Durant’s travel agent claims she secretly booked flights and hotel arrangements for ...»

«... his friends get invited to go everywhere with him, but they get fed like swaggy kings too. TMZ is reporting that the Biebs dropped $185 on tacos and other Mexican food for his pals Sunday night ...»

«... of New York. Lamar will be joining the New York Knicks...but under certain conditions. TMZ reports Lamar was signed a one game deal with the Knicks after being out of the NBA for the entire ...»

«... in the world, however that choice he made 24 years ago is catching up with him. According to reports, a handful of students are upset with the university’s decision to name Diddy — a dropout ...»

«... ordering Scott to change from women’s to men’s clothes … and that’s that. Scott tells TMZ, “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather ...»

«... are enjoying what they are doing – you can see the video over at and This new sex tape is rather raunchy and does not leave much to the imagination, if you do ...»

«... on a woman? Mike Epps Accused Of Assaulting Woman This isn’t a good look homie. According to TMZ: Mike Epps has been accused of punching a woman in the face Wednesday night after the premiere of ...»

«... documents filed this week, the unnamed accuser (who is approximately 30 years old), claims Singer lured him to a mansion in Encino, California when he was around 14 years old. The event supposedly ...»

«... of their 2-year-old daughter. In addition to the incident April 7th, Short has been charged with criminal domestic violence and child abuse for allegedly abusing Tanee while their child and his ...»

«... and ... Source and pictures of lindsay on the set of Watch what happens live (and leaving) Source thanks for your time»

«... your browser does not support IFrames. Now back to boring “news” like the NHL playoffs. [ TMZ

«Nearly three years later, Diddy is named by Forbes as hip-hop’s wealthiest artist, and it’s all thanks to his new business venture, Revolt TV! According to the ...»

«Join me in welcoming our new overlord Swaggilous Pernicious Young. Sometimes it takes a TMZ camera rolling after a few glasses or gallons of Cognac to bring out the best in someone. Here ...»

«... run. But I like how we ended it. Well, YEAH, sure we know what happened to everyone and the series wrapped up nicely and all… BUT COME ON! A reunion movie would be AH-MAZING! It doesn’t even ...»

«... why the judge threw out B. Scott's discrimination lawsuit. TMZ broke the story, Scott sued the network, claiming it humiliated him during the BET Awards last year by forcing him to change from ...»

«... and the variety hour returns forever! It was such good TV! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... audience's reaction. "It's all brand new to me, so I'm just having fun." sources: AceShowbiz, TMZ, WetPaint, USmagazine»

«... want to run for office – US Weekly Lindsay Lohan isn’t about to answer any sex questions – TMZ Get a sneak peek at One Direction‘s latest video – Just Jared Jr Here’s one way to prep ...»

«... Randomness: 1. Pat Houston's restraining order against Nick Gordon has been extended to 1 year. STORY 2. Snoop Dogg just nabbed himself a six-date residency at TAO Las Vegas! The "Snoopadelic ...»

«... social media fans to make yourself look more popular, as Newt Gingrich was accused of doing on Twitter. Or, taking it in a slightly more sophisticated direction, a political party can program a ...»

«... enough, it’s Joe vs. Danny in a musical showdown as they present their remixes of porn star Ava Devine having an orgasm set to music. After That Uncle Eddie tells us all about his Adventures ...»

«... those papers in no time! [ Image via Brett Rossi/ Twitter.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... as Diddy! LOLz! [ Image via Cousart/ JFXimages/ WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... with 10 registering as a strong, manly punch, Hollosy rates a 10 out of 10, whereas Brown only punches at a 6, Adams determined. Is Chris' 6-out-of-10 strength enough to destroy a woman's face? ...»

«... perpetrated by an anonymous band of jokers. According to TMZ Kris thinks the pranksters plan to destroy the Kardashians by spreading rumors, planting fake stories in the media and even making fake ...»

«... last year, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«Wonder what she did? Do you think shes trying to get super involved with the planning of their wedding, something that Kanye has taken great pride in organizing? Leave us your thoughts in the commen ... »

«... -- because you can never really delete anything from the Internet. Franco's public distain for Gawker dates back to 2010, when he refused to speak to writer Maureen O'Connor at a party for his book ...»

«... Columbus have finally seen one they liked- they’re both signed on! The comedy classic just marked its 20th anniversary last year, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate! Original ...»

«... do with her, then maybe they can move on. But there’s no way Dean wants to be humiliated on television for cheating on his wife. His life is basically a nightmare.” Oh noes. We wish the best for ...»

«... out for the world to see. [ Image via Forty Seven/ WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... get why Tori would want to do this to Dean, it just really doesn’t seem like it’s going to mend their relationship at all. According to the friend, the docu-series was totally Tori’s idea, ...»

«... to play out on television for everyone to see! When Dean’s cheating surfaced, Tori was devastated by the news and although the couple seems to be on the mend, a friend close to the former ...»

«... Trailer (with Ariel Winter) ( Modern Family's Ariel Winter Stars in Live-Action Dora the Explorer for Grown Ups [Trailer Park] ( The Rated R - Dora The Explorer ...»

«... criticism after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The Red Cross weathered more criticism almost immediately after Sandy hit in October 2012. As donations poured in, partly on the strength of ...»

«... reaaaalllllly feel like you should rethink this whole decision! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«This is seriously heartbreaking! We can't imagine having this happen to us! Tori Spelling's new reality show True Tori is set to premiere next week and it looks like she's truly being real and honest ... »

«... maybe they can move on. But there’s no way Dean wants to be humiliated on television for cheating on his wife. His life is basically a nightmare.” Oh noes. We wish the best for these two! It ...»


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