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«Sizzurp Cough Syrup OFF THE MARKET : titytwochainz: kingjaffejoffer: Widespread panic in the rap world — the ...»

«... his shirt off in front all the Kardashians!" Via Cuba Gooding Jr.'s wife filed for a separation from the actor. Valerie Macon / Getty Images Jodie Foster got secretly married ...»

«... Riley, referring to her as his wife. Bad news for Chris Brown: the singer will be in jail until at least June after his court date was postponed. Ready for another remake? Lupita Nyong'o is ...»

«... who was severely injured in a paragliding accident on Sunday, has died. KATY PERRY left children in tears at a recent birthday party. ALICIA SILVERSTONE: From Clueless to Clueless. FLASH GORDON ...»

«... Adler and DwellStudio! Click below for your chance to win and style your space in no time! Enter now!»

«... 6:22 PT and jumped into his party van without saying anything to reporters or fans, according to TMZ. 15+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber…»

«... insensitive remarks. “One of them has a book deal, neither are in a psych ward,” Rivers told TMZ. “They're OK. I bet you within three years, one of them will be on ‘Dancing With the ...»

«... and “North” earrings. Girl, why can’t you dress appropriately? In other Kim news, she was spotted buying up multiple copies of her Vogue issue. It’s weird that she was doing it at the last ...»

«... en realidad fueron solo $40 millones. ¡Pobre muchacho! El sitio web de chismes de farándula TMZ asegura que el intérprete de “¿A quien quiero mentirle? ” tiene unos gastos mensuales, por ...»

«... People magazine. The 44-year-old actress' Chapter 11 filings show that she's close to a million dollars in debt -- owing nearly $745,000 to the IRS, just over $27,000 to the California ...»

«... I mean — we gotta just work out some things. She gotta be a better parent, y'know.” Source: TMZ more Let us know what you think in the comment area below. Liked this post? Subscribe ...»

«... the always well-researched San Fernando Valley Blog but it was celebrity gossip juggernaut TMZ who revealed a couple weeks ago already—and Your Mama completely missed it—that uni-named R& B/ hip ...»

«... was just DENIED. Brown -- who was jailed last month after getting booted from rehab -- was flown to D.C. and promptly jailed as he awaited trial in his assault case. The trial was supposed to ...»

«... of them. She also wants one of their three large chandeliers (valued around $300,000 a pop). - TMZ Related posts: Master P Ordered To Fork Over $271/month In Child Support! Master P feat. Kirko ...»

«... on the syrup in light of the shortage, Lil Boosie is supportive of Actavis' decision. Speaking with TMZ, Boosie revealed that he almost died 3 or 4 times from abusing the medicine, and says that the ...»

«... Ouma is behind bars today after allegedly pummeling a gay man who came onto him. TMZ Sports gives the details: Former pro boxing champ Kassim Ouma was arrested for battery in L.A. on Friday — ...»

«... Tanee has filed for divorce and is seeking full custody of their two-year-old daughter. TMZ»

«... 50-Highest-Rated-CEOs-LST_KQ0,21.htm (英語 ) 2014/04/23/jodie-foster-married/ Jodie Foster =ジョディ・フォスターさん( ...»

«... above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Lykke Li! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... so it doesn't hold onto the scent." Well, that explains why the actress is often seen with pit stains on the red carpet, and it may also explain why there are rumors she has issues with body ...»

«... styled hair. We’ll miss those outrageous looks, but we must admit that The Other Woman star has looked GOR-geous lately. Let us just hope that her new style doesn’t mean her loud, ...»

«... storage unit and arrested him and confiscate the masterspending a court hearing. According to TMZ, Beverly Hills PD is currently investigating the extortion plot. Mahan also said that Jay Z ...»

«... and we wanted to address the realities that this is prison.” Not only will they be slowly releasing more insight into future eps, but they’ll be teasing us with fabulous unseen clips… And ...»

«Guai infiniti per Chris Brown. Stando alle fonti di TMZ, il cantante 24enne sarà costretto a rimanere in carcere fino a giugno inoltrato. La causa? ...»

«TMZ Actor George Clooney had an epic blowup with former Obama supporter Steve Wynn after Wynn called ...»

«... mean? Well, in addition to drunken nights out on the town—and, reportedly, some pretty fantastic sex—it also means driving the zamboni at the Kings game and throwing out the first pitch at ...»

«... Hoppy are reportedly still nowhere near agreeing on a settlement and now Bethenny has been ordered to pay $100,000 toward Jason’s legal fees. Once they agree on Jason’s money portion of the ...»

«... checks goes wrong. Hopefully, she’ll seek out employment and get back on her feet soon. TMZ»

«... is any indication, I'd say YES. Last night, Carmen Electra and ex-hubby Dave Navarro snapped a "selfie" while attending an event in LA, and it's set the gossip flying that they may have ...»

«... of sex offender registries is also common. Last year, in a profoundly tragic situation, a 15-year-old boy in Alabama hanged himself shortly after being arrested for streaking during a high school ...»

«... with his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and ex-wife Elin Nordegren — at the SAME TIME! According to TMZ, the trio came together to support their son Charlie, who was playing with the 5 & 6-year-olds ...»

«... this really doesn’t shock us, we still think it’s icky! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... talent! [ Image via Brian To/ Mr. Blue/ Nikki Nelson/ WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... rest of the pics (below)!!! [ Image via Entertainment Weekly.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... mean her loud, dance-worthy beatz will change too! [poll=60606] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... "Don't not attempt to work with this thirsty b*tch" ....and now she's suing for defamation. STORY Photos: InTouch Weekly»

«... solitary confinement (below)! [ Image via EW/ RUVEN AFANADOR] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... enormous and understandable curiosity about them can curdle quickly into a kind of homophobic shaming, fixating on the worst stereotypes of gay men as lasciviously exploiting the young and ...»

«... include No Limit Records. Romeo appears to be siding with his father on the situation. He told TMZ that Sonya needs to be a better parent before she gets millions. Watch what Romeo said below. ...»

«... at JFK airport today and the Housewife was surprisingly talkative on the topic of her fight with Porsha Williams. Kenya Moore Talks Porsha Williams Fight Kenya described her throwdown with Porsha at ...»

«... her fine fiancé! Speaking of which, just look at the adorable couple! Their love is always tastier than a slice of red velvet Cake! Sure, Jen’s floppy hat hides the most fabulous parts of her ...»

«... with tattoos so awful you won’t believe they’re real – Guyism The Day the Sizzurp Died Main Ingredient Yanked – TMZ The Surprising, Easy Trick To Making Perfect Bacon – Huffington ...»

«... Jen’s day on set (below)! [ Image via FameFlynet Pictures.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... get in and out of character! [ Image via Pacific Coast News.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... want the Shaq Attack running their corporation? LOLz!! Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... brooding in his all-black street ensemble, then seems to come alive with mischievous glee in his sexy ebon cloak! And though we’re sure it wasn’t really a supernatural costume change, there was ...»

«... via CW/ NBC/ Weinstein Company/ Brian To/ Apega/ WENN.] Original Post By Google News Perez Hilton»

«... but you can just tell from her posture that these two are meant to be! And they look so much warmer than they did last month, too! Hooray! Ch-ch-check out more pics from Jen’s day on set ...»

«... the case for the same reason in July 2013. The accusers—or, as you may remember them, Elmo's three friends—include Cecil Singleton, who says he met Clash on a gay sex chatline in 2003, when he ...»

«... eight years worth of bittersweet memories. Public Radio Reporter Interviews His Two Little Girls After One Gives The Other The 'Worst Haircut Ever' - This is sweet, and I like it a lot better ...»


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