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«... by showing up at The French Laundry in CA’s Napa Valley with Sean Penn last Tuesday night. TMZ says 54-year-old Sean treated 35-year-old Minka to a birthday dinner along with three other ...»

«... Detroit, Michigan rapper Dej Loaf was reportedly involved in a fist fight with the two. TMZ reports that Dej Loaf’s former managers approached her during the rapper’s BET Awards ...»

«... de debate para que nos comentéis lo que os parezca más oportuno a este respecto. Vía | TMZ Imagen | Gtres >
>La Cosa Rosa - 3 fresh links

«... Keeps Her Grounded [ VibeVixen] Journey Drummer Deen Castronovo — Charged with Raping Wife [ TMZ] KKK Plans Pro-Confederate Flag Rally In South Carolina [ HuffingtonPost] Amy Schumer On Claims ...»

«... NBC did not say it would demand a different host. As we said, business is business. TMZ Celebrity News for Politix The post NBC to Donald Trump — You’re Fired!!! appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... photos of himself and Vito from Twitter and Instagram recently, including their famous engagement pic taken at St. Peter’s Basilica. Clue #2 — The couple hasn’t been spotted together in ...»

«... of Ciroc vodka. Meek’s full-fledged eating demands off his concert rider reveals a seemingly endless requirement of meats. We got hold of his backstage concert rider, and it’s pure ...»

«... NeNe’s road trip spin-off show with Barbie styling head knock-off Kim Zolciak is still on. TMZ says that Bravo got Kim Fields (Tootie, is it that bad? !) to replace NeNe. This is shocking and ...»

«... Cammisano is notably not wearing his engagement ring, one clue that TMZ claims is an indicator that he and Sam are no longer together. Their other evidence? Clue #1 — Michael has REMOVED ...»

«TMZ says that Paris Hilton, seen above moments after she nearly pissed herself with fear after being ...»

«... — The couple hasn’t been spotted together in almost 2 months … even when Sam left the Montreal Alouettes under mysterious circumstances earlier this month. Bizarre for an engaged couple, ...»

«... ‘On Sight’ [ VibeVixen] Caitlyn Jenner — First Public Appearance at NYC Pride Event [ TMZ] Why We’re Launching ‘Black Health Matters’ [ HuffingtonPost] Katy Perry Is Highest-Paid ...»

«... put their differences aside, at least for now. As we reported, Bobbi Kristina has been taken off life support and it’s only a matter of time until she passes. The post Bobbi Kristina — ...»

«... million yacht to Richard Branson’s private island, per TMZ Sports. Sources tell us … Aikman and his GF, Tracy Ripsin, boarded a PIMPED OUT yacht earlier this month called the Sea Legend … an ...»

«... Jun 29, 2015 at 1:14pm PDT NBC is searching for a new host for “Celebrity Apprentice,” and TMZ says they want that person to be a minority, possibly a Mexican or a Mexican American. Also, ...»

«... shook the owner’s hand, and poor Michael was left alone on the Sunset Strip. TMZ Celebrity News for Music The post Michael B. Jordan — DENIED at Diddy BET After-Party (VIDEO) appeared ...»

«... star. NeNe is going to be focusing on new projects outside the biz … one of which is her own clothing store that we reported on before. You know what they say, you gotta spend money to make money ...»

«... helped build! She’s a Real Housewife forever!! — Andy Cohen (@Andy) June 30, 2015 Meanwhile, TMZ claims the reason NeNe decided to leave only a few weeks before Bravo was set to begin filming ...»

«... Jenner — started very far from the bottom … and is still no where near it. TMZ Celebrity News for Music The post Drake — I’m a Part of Jenner-ation-X appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... to start filming its new season in the next couple of weeks. Cast members have been dropping like flies recently but now producers are scrambling because they just lost their queen bee … and ...»

«... they used to be. As we previously reported, Stoll was facing 4 years behind bars … but struck a plea deal in which he basically has to do some community service. Dude’s gettin’ second chances ...»

«... tuition. One thing’s for sure … sometimes one is enough … even for 2 Chainz. TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion The post 2 Chainz vs. Flo Rida — My Chainz Bigger Than Yours appeared first on ...»

«... bought 4 courtside season tickets — which sell for $ 2,500 a pop. No pressure, D’Angelo. The post The Game — I Dropped $40,000 On Lakers Floor Seats! appeared first on ilyashi News.»

«... … which happens to be going on right now. Ramadan lasts until July 17th. Godspeed, Chyna. The post Blac Chyna — I’m Still Not Banging Boxer BF … ‘He’s A Muslim’ appeared ...»

«... sec? ? Tags: gifs, leap second, leap second 2015, science, science!, time, viral: news Via PerezHilton The post One More Time! 7 Things You Can Do With The Extra Moment Granted By Today’s Leap ...»

«... the network notes Trump has already said he won’t participate because of his presidential run. BUT … the network says, “Celebrity Apprentice” is a Mark Burnett production and ...»

«... in headlights. And the song got more promotion than most. Waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa. TMZ Celebrity News for Music The post Iggy Azalea — I Don’t Have to Suck Britney’s A**hole — She’s Why ...»

«... of creditors. Slim should tell the trustee to stuff it. [embedded content] TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice The post Slim From 112 — They Want to Strip Me of my ‘Magic Mike’ ...»

«... filed to annul the marriage to Johnson just 28 days after they tied the knot. TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Feuds The post WNBA’s Glory Johnson — I’M HAVING TWINS … With or Without ...»

«... Still unclear what role, if any, Griner will have in the children’s lives … since she filed to annul the marriage to Johnson just 28 days after they tied the knot. TMZ Celebrity News for ...»

«... marriage and their responses are amazing – US Weekly Caitlyn Jenner caused a frenzy in NYC – TMZ Cara Delevingne wants to change superhero movies – Just Jared Jr Shia LaBeouf‘s been accused ...»

«... their opportunity to shine. I’m not saying I’m gone forever. I’ll probably pop up and play with those girls every now and then” According to TMZ, when the self-proclaimed rich bitch said ...»

«... this year reports say Tyga offered to pay her up and it was reported they had reached a settlement. Brown did get pay but she only got half of her money and is wondering when she’ll get the ...»

«... the matter over to their legal counsel and are considering their legal options moving forward. The post Jahlil Okafor — Viral Sex Story Is B.S. … ‘Considering Legal Action’ appeared ...»

«... second chances all around — don’t blow it. [h/ t Busted Coverage] TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice The post Erin Andrews — Back On with Jarret Stoll … After Coke Bust ...»

«... with the possibility of her return. Something tells us it’s not happening. TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice The post ‘Young & The Restless’ Star Victoria Rowell — Soap Opera Is ...»

«... vomit and hit the beach with his pal afterward. Hopefully, he chewed some gum or something. The post Golden Tate — I Puked During Insane Workout with Jimmy Clausen appeared first on ...»

«... reported, Griner distanced herself from the pregnancy in court docs — saying she has no biological connection to the kids and didn’t know any of the key details about the pregnancy. But Glory is ...»

«... burden that Anthony has had to shoulder with the roster the way it’s currently assembled. (Via TMZ

«... her 2015 Great Escape arena tour in May. Who doesn’t love a good catfight? TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Feuds The post Britney Spears — Fires Back at Iggy Azalea … At Least I Have ...»

«... a weapon. Castronovo is being held without bail in Marion County, Oregon. Journey booted Castronovo from its tour following his initial arrest. Castronovo is due in court Tuesday. TMZ Celebrity ...»

«... we’re told is an opportunity to make a powerful statement discrediting Trump’s campaign platform on immigration. Toward that end, the most powerful statement would be making a Mexican or Mexican ...»

«... an obituary containing the phrase “eaten alive by a shark after pooping in the ocean.” [Via TMZ

«... Then Chyna hit us with the bad news … J’Leon is a Muslim … and is forbidden to do the horizontal mambo during the holy time of Ramadan … which happens to be going on right now. Ramadan ...»

«... to move the car … so instead of taking the fine, he went along his way. TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice The post Floyd Mayweather to Cops — Go Ahead, Ticket Me … ‘It’s Not ...»

«... definitely sent a message this weekend — he’s not letting it bother him. TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice The post Warren Sapp — What, Me Worry? … Hits Fishing Tourney After Dom. ...»

«... be determined in court.” Short story — The Donald is threatening NBC the way he’s threatened Univision, for allegedly breaching an iron-clad contract by pulling the plug on him. And Trump ...»

«... *cleanup will take longer than one second Eat a mouthful of Ben & Jerry’s new same sex marriage celebrating flavor “I Dough, I Dough”: Do a single Kegel exercise: Remember how good 30 ...»

«... stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.” TMZ Celebrity News for Politix The post Donald Trump — NBC is ‘Weak’ … Threatens Lawsuit appeared first on ...»

«... longer as the Earth’s rotation slows down. [ Related: Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence’s Sci-Fi Romance Movie Is Really Happening! ] To make up for this, on June 30 scientists will add ...»


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