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«... it claimed to be Shannon in bed, literally, with a child molester. TMZ added that the two are now dating each other. Mark McDaniel, 53, was released just last month from a prison in Georgia after a ...»

«... is dating an ex-boyfriend convicted of sexually abusing one of her relatives. first broke the story on Thursday about the relationship. June denied any relationship with Mark McDaniel, a ...»

«... well-known for her role as Serra Paylin in Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? Last night they were spotted enjoying—insofar as one can—a New York Knicks preseason game together, and at some point ...»

«... in a hotel room. She also went car shopping for him when he got out of prison. A source told TMZ : “Anna wants it known she’s the victim because it makes what her mom is doing all the more ...»

«... juego… Tori Spelling sufre una crisis nerviosa. Inventó lo del susto de Ebola crazy witch! çTMZ Más sobre este articulo: Otros Titulares [catlist name=entretenimiento numberposts=8] Powered ...»

«... Carlos Alvarez/ Getty Images “No man, we were just attending We Day together,” Orlando said. “You heard of We Day? You should check it out.” UGH BORING. Fine you two, keep breaking my ...»

«... / hype man Safaree Samuels ended their relationship after 14 years together…. Sources tell TMZ Nicki and Safaree broke up because he was tired of being in her shadow and eager to kick off his ...»

«... Doc Rivers, Las Vegas Sands and Tao nightclub are all stonewalling after Blake Griffin allegedly put a beatdown on a customer. Las Vegas: Where $500 gets you a bottle of vodka and the chance to get ...»

« O site TMZ é o mais acessado dos EUA sobre celebridades, com notícias e fofocas sobre artistas do mundo pop. O apoio da atriz de Hollywood Lindsay Lohan a Aécio no twitter foi ironiz ... »

«... being asked after Tyrese and Sanaa Lathan were spotted together on several occasions. TMZ reports: Tyrese Gibson almost made a clean getaway with his new GF — almost, but we got the shot of ...»

«... which was the inspiration for Orange Is The New Black. And according to TMZ, she actually got approved except, just kidding, how about a nice halfway house? Jail is like, right? E! News ...»

«... long as Loveman is signing things, he’s inking $475,000/show paychecks for Britney Spears and 700 grand for a single Marc Anthony concert. * Although Monmouth Park plans to offer sports betting ...»

«Dikembe Mutombo has trouble with rental& nbsp;cars Apparently being 7'2" is not conducive to renting cars.»

«TMZ is reporting that former Scary Kids Scaring Kids frontman Tyson Stevens passed away from a drug overdose. ...»

«... her mother’s death, and believes the lawsuit will force the staff to answer questions. [ TMZ] 9. Artist investigated for graffiti at national parks The National Park Service has identified ...»

«... the actor and Faye Grant just got a whole lot easier, because there won’t be a fight over future income. Collins’ lawyer says, “Faye’s decision to parade that recording … has resulted in ...»

«... photo of Mama June snuggling in bed with a man identified as Mark McDaniel surfaced online. TMZ reported that Mark had been convicted in 2004 of aggravated child molestation and it was reportedly a ...»

«Rainn Wilson has just 86'd a controversial Vine star he signed to a TV deal earlier this week ... after getting trashed online for hiring the felon.TMZ broke the story ... Curtis Lepore pled guilty to ... »

«... O'Brien and the Dalai Lama and Bill Gates. Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet in 2011. Prince, Kobe Bryant, and Justin Bieber's cat all started tweeting in 2013. Read Full Story >

«... wrong with cultural appropriation in the name of their "Indian princess" costumes. As Gawker puts it, "when the entirety of your costume is 'I am a person of a different race, LOL,' that ...»

«... :)") to Photoshopping ("...we actually don't retouch women's body size at all") to this lovely Gawker story ("No, but let me know if you do!"). In response to a question about whether it bothered ...»

«... lonely in the hospital- US Weekly Iggy Azalea says she’d never make a song with Snoop Dog- TMZ 5 Seconds of Summer talk tattoos, girlfriends, and One Direction- Just Jared Jr J.K Rowling to ...»

«... 2009 hit “Blame It”, which makes me scratch my head a little bit. Maybe it was Mama Knowles backing it up on him that’s got him a little perplexed. Who knows.»

«... [ Photos: Vintage Nicki Minaj! ] Srsly, we love all the ways her fabulous style and her incomparable booty change the world, especially that delicious looking booty burger! If we didn't know it ...»

«... what's best of all is that there will be musical elements, too! We can't wait to tune in! PerezHilton»

«... Archived from the original on October 14, 2013 . Retrieved March 8, 2013. "JUSTIN BIEBER CANCELS Concert in Portugal". TMZ . Retrieved March 12, 2013. Slight, Lucy (19 August 2013). "Justin ...»

«Would you expect anything less from Nicki Minaj? ?? Of course her booty is going to take over the world. Have you seen it do its thang? ! So in her hosting promo for the European Music Awards, ...»

«... did everything short of physically abusing her personal assistant and that Lindsay Lohan chased hers down in a stolen SUV. Naomi Campbell was accused of beating hers because the poor woman booked ...»

«... your state? Have you heard of popbasic? I want all of their micro-collections. SUCH a tired kitten

«... CLICK HERE to see the gallery "TV Shows That Were Canceled In The Midst Of Scandal!" PerezHilton»

«... by Tori Spelling (@torispelling) on Oct 10, 2014 at 3:36pm PDT TMZ first reported Spelling was hospitalized last weekend in Los Angeles at Cedars Sinai Medical Center due to a fever, coughing ...»

«... Lolo Jones Sympathizes With Oscar Pistorius Because Her Father Is A Murderer According to TMZ reports: Lolo Jones has no problem showing sympathy for convicted killer Oscar Pistorius … because ...»

«... P.S.: Don't forget to see the songstress play Key Advisor THIS Monday on The Voice! PerezHilton»

«... wants to accomplish in that time! Good luck, Brit. [ Image via Brittany Maynard/ Instagram] PerezHilton»

«... more, see how wonderful life could be with Nicki's influence all over the place (above)! PerezHilton»

«... out faking illnesses but has actually managed to make herself sick in the process. A friend told TMZ that s/ he wanted to stage an “intervention” for Tori so that she will makes some changes in ...»

«... we wish Tori a speedy recovery. Feel better! [ Image via Tori Spelling/ Instagram] PerezHilton»

«... able to find a buyer to take her estate for a cool $11 million ... even though she initially listed it in 2012 at just under $16 mil. The 10+ acre spread actually has 3 full houses on it, with a ...»

«... that Stan Van can develop Andre Drummond into Dwight 2.0, only one t hat’s nicer to Nickelodeon stars they have relations with. Major Subplot of the Season- Can Stan Van the exec agree with Stan ...»

«... What make me strongly disagree with that statement even more is the surveillance video that was released by TMZ of Ray and his fiance in the elevator. It clearly shows that he made the first move ...»

«... a deal for three more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” TMZ reported the deal at $40 million —making it the most profitable deal in reality TV history." (Forbes) "The show ...»

«... brawl which put the clan back into the national spotlight. [ Related: New Audio Of The Fight That Involved Bristol & Sarah Palin! ] In the CRAZY audio, Track Palin, Sarah Palin's oldest child, ...»

«... TMZ Sports has learned.Carmen was hosting a private “Fright Night” party in Boca Raton… Show Some Love - : >
Related Articles: Celebrity Gossip – Carmen Electra — Spills ...»

«... landed in hot water in 2008 when she went dressed as the Hindu Goddess Kali. Hindu-American leaders demanded an apology from Klum for "posing as a sacred figure," and for "using the religion for ...»

«Notre Dame football player Justin Brent banged 42 year old porn veteran Lisa Ann in NYC while his team was on a bi week. Ann and Brent apparently met ...»

«... him in 10 years, but TLC didn’t believe her after they found out she went shopping for a car for her child touching boyfriend. TMZ says that at first, Anna believed her mom and thought it was ...»

«... for this! You spat on my book.” “Then he spat on me,” says Whitehead. 2. Sent a book and bullets to the reviewer Richard Ford, again. I must make sure I never read anything of his, because he ...»

«... Jeremy Tyler Gets Restraining Order Against Baby Mama For Punching Infant Son According to TMZ reports: Ex-NBA player Jeremy Tyler — who was just released by the Lakers — claims his baby mama ...»


«... And Track - stop using gay as an insult! Thanks! [ Image via AP Images/ Instagram/ WENN.] PerezHilton»


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