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«... Brits associate the color blue with the political right and red with the political left. Historically, that can be explained by the rise of red being used by socialists in France, leaving the ...»

«... in Germany, but in the U.K., an alliance between Labour and the Conservatives has been described as about as probable as a “snowball in hell’s chance.” Greens: In 1972, a group of ...»

«... their party bosses can be replaced by machine too? And just think. It’ll save the taxpayer £498.4m a year in running costs for parliament, not to mention the £98.1 million MPs cost us in ...»

«... you the war in Iraq. In the sequel to his 2006 Los Angeles Times op-ed titled simply, " Bomb Iran," Joshua Muravchik recently took to the pages of the Washington Post to declare, " War with ...»

«... Chinese attack on the American power grid. He said that the previous wave of hacks is a reconnaissance mission for a much greater cyber-attack. Considering that the NSA is home to the world’s ...»

«... always criticized and over analyzed on her clothing. Check this article out, talking and over analyzing Nancy Pelosi (former speaker of the White House) outfit. 3. Criticize their parenting ...»

«... the likely nuclear agreement with Iran still haven't answered the question General David Petraeus posed in 2003: Tell me how this ends. Iran, after all, is far larger than Iraq. With about 80 ...»

«... it hit a tendentious peak when a ban on new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles brought the term “food apartheid” to the table. The ordinance, which was implemented in a part of the ...»

«... (“I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family,” said Hillary Clinton in 2009. “So I hope to see him often here in Egypt and in the United States”). . . ...»

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