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«... to many protests, with advocated climbing the cables to protest everything from the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the logging of redwood trees The Southern Pacific Railroad company protested the ...»

«... cabs around the city. Were the derelict pods seen here used as prototypes during that Derby experiment? Or are the abandoned capsules simply the relics of some long-defunct theme park? If you ...»

«... de la biotecnología, uniéndose a Portland , Seattle , Spokane , Berkeley , San Diego , San José y Oakland . Estos casos están pendientes. De acuerdo con Courthouse News Service , Long ...»

«... from both Democrats and Republicans. 5. Dental care: In 2007, a Maryland 12-year-old named Deamonte Driver died from a tooth infection that spread to his brain. That cast a harsh spotlight on the ...»

«... with similar disrespect. He cites a particularly disturbing case from 2007, reported by The Washington Post, where a D.C. Superior Court judge ordered an attorney — a woman of color, like ...»

«... bent over backwards for them, setting up foot-washing basins in their airport and even at a university, in response to their demands. But as with most appeasement, these refugees keep making more ...»

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