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«... after attack,”was the New York Times’ headline; and “ Christians clash with police in Egypt after attack on churchgoers kills 21” was the Washington Post’s—as if frustrated and harried ...»

«... porn ring in Mexico was busted and said to have thousands of clients in the United States 27, BBC. Child porn videos reportedly made a Russian ring 410 million dollars being sold in Germany, ...»

«... LA TIMES. An online ring known as Wonderland was busted and yielded 750,000 images of children 25 BBC. From the article [25]: “Wonderland originated in the United States but also operated in ...»

«... higher now.) 318 A380s ordered so far. (Only 138 have been delivered.) Sources: New York Times; BBC The Question of the Week Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site ...»

«... were part of a long distance child trafficking ring that imported children from Slovakia 19, BBC. Lets get back to the questioning of the witnesses. The primary witnesses to step forward all ...»

«... it, provides an easier and more legal method. What makes it possible is a carve-out in the 2006 legislation that all but banned internet gambling in the US (and led to the demise of the country’s ...»

«... of Erik Dahl’s interview, click here“ ideas/ 2014/12/why-police-spying-americans-everyones-problem/ 101598/?oref=defenseone_today_nl»

«... was disbanded in 2008, but the Defense Intelligence Agency picked up its “ offensive counterintelligence” duties and re-established an intelligence database in 2010. National Guard units ...»

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