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«... there is at least one well-documented incident to back this up. In 1998 a young couple, Barry and Lynn Collett, on the second day of their honeymoon went for a romantic walk down by the Strid… ...»

«... time Packer’s found himself yawning his way through a campaign. During the 2000 election, he complained that Al Gore was “more a technician than a leader,” whose “campaign slogan might as ...»

«... only grossed $1.3 million domestically. It didn’t remain a failure for long, though. The New York Times writes that the film has continued to gain in popularity, and as a result has developed a ...»

«... 2000, but pretty much throughout the 1990s. As Packer would write a year later in the New York Times Magazine: A strange thing happened after the cold war ended: patriotism all but disappeared ...»

«... world, we see that the line between terrorism and protest is actually quite fine. And according to this source, employees of the U.S. Department of Defense are trained to regard protests as ...»

«... Mandela’s memorial service in South Africa in December 2013 and President Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro shook hands and chatted briefly at a United Nations meeting in 2000. To many, the ...»

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