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«... John’s. We have proudly represented such victims as Brianne Kiner, Stephanie Smith and Linda Rivera. If you or a family member became ill with an E. coli infection or HUS after consuming food ...»

«... Pregnant women can opt not to undergo ultrasound scan. Doctors, however, assure that there are no known risks for both mothers and babies. Hospitals and practitioners offer ultrasound scan to ...»

«... The rest of my squares: By An Author Born the Same Year as You: That, my friends, is where The Corrections comes in. Because me and Jonathan Franzen, baby. 1959. ( I hated this book.) ( Bonus ...»

«... Americans here at home. Since the day of 9/11, when F-15 and F-16 fighter jets were launched to shadow suspicious airliners after the initial attacks, the Air Force has flown 87,000 of these ...»


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