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«... continues to be seen as a taboo by many Chinese individuals. Until 2001, being homosexual was considered a psychological sickness by the nationwide Chinese psychiatric affiliation. Li and Xu’s ...»

«From Max Ehrenfreund: …because of an obscure law known as the Jones Act, which bans foreign vessels from shipping goods between U.S. ports, businesses in Puerto ...»

«... y para explicarlo se han propuesto varias hipótesis que no son contradictorias entre sí. Diana Duyser y su emparedado de queso – Daily News Christopher French, psicólogo de la Universidad de ...»

«... op-ed/ 2015/jul/ 03/everyday-misogyny#sthash.bitf1xyn.dpuf Or this snippet from a column Baron-Cohen for the BBC in 2009: “Males, maths and autism. On the face of it, these three things ...»

«... General Medical Council found that Wakefield had violated ethics rules and shown “ callous disregard” for the pain of children in his research. In 2010, The Lancet retracted the article, ...»

«... ordered by the Utah State Senate in SR5, “Resolution Urging Jell-O Recognition,” with a vote of 25-3. (Who would vote against Jell-O? !) Utah granted women the right to vote in 1870, 50 years ...»

«... helped Greece join the euro in 2001. Although it was not until 2004 that Athens admitted entry figures had been fudged, the dodgy numbers were an open secret in Brussels. Many other countries ...»

«... realizing that he had some symptoms associated with orthorexia, particularly a feeling of self-righteousness. He explained it was hard not to broadcast his own beliefs, which makes this condition ...»

«... finished reading Leif Enger's So Brave Young and Handsome, sympathetically reviewed here by Carrie Brown. It's a sweet and sad swashbuckling tale of a writer who loses his muse and finds it again. ...»

«... well, that’s the routine and whaddya expect. That’s the Modern Left’s version of incorporation: Will they get into some sort of trouble, perhaps meet some harm, by insisting a certain ...»

«... Ford blamed Firestone, and Firestone blamed Ford. Faced with the responsibility of up to 100 deaths worldwide, the tire company initially recalled 6.5 million tires, blaming heat, low tire pressure, ...»

«... dispute with Turkey. It didn’t help that leaders had only just emerged from renegotiating membership terms with the UK. But strategic concerns won out. Greece’s entry was a way to ensure ...»

«... or even rebranding. It can give an old product a new lease on life. In fact, in an article from the New York Times, Paco Underhill, Author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, points ...»

«... Thought of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and James Madison,” by I. Bernard Cohen, the great historian of 18th century science. That is why, for instance, Jefferson wrote ...»

«... about the incident. This was in sharp contrast to the NYT article “ Leader of Hamas killed in Airstrike by Israeli Missile” which did not suggest that the target was a militant but a ...»


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