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«... with the virus resulting in the death of Liberian doctor Samuel Brisbane and Ugandan doctor Simon Ajok. Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die from the illness. Now, two American health ...»

«... Gary McKinnon (Solo) According to US prosecutors, Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon was responsible for committing the "biggest military computer hack of all time" – he hacked into 97 US military ...»

«... certain level of congestion until more roads are built. This standard led to a 20-year development moratorium in East County that ended in 2004. Development simply moved to the western, more ...»

«... de expansão, que terminou com a derrota na Segunda Guerra Mundial. Fontes: Desarrollo y Defensa BBC»

«... into the BellSouth and Miami-Dade school system. This led to the discovery that he had backdoor access to a division of the US Department of Defence – basically he had access to thousands of ...»

«... has been leased to the US since the 1970s. In December 2002, it was first reported, in the Washington Post, that Diego Garcia was "one of a number of secret detention centers overseas" where the ...»

«... neighborhoods. We've seen businesses gravitate to more urban locations in the region, like Choice Hotels, which moved from an office park near White Oak to Rockville Town Center. For decades, ...»

«... the ground. Neighbors first noticed the stinky nuisance in early 2010, after the troubled apartment building at 809 Kennedy St. NW was demolished. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory ...»

«... of “Falling Out of Time.” His other books include “To the End of the Land,” “Death as a Way of Life” and “The Yellow Wind.” This essay was translated by Jessica Cohen from the ...»

«... Convention. He was tasked with giving the keynote address at the 2004 event. He told a New York Times reporter the week before the convention, ''It came as a surprise that I'd be selected for ...»


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