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«... de işten çıkarılmasını öneriyor. Al Gore bu durum hakkında Nisan 2002’de The New York Times’a bir makale yazsa bile, Randol’un istedikleri oluyor ve IPCC’de Watson’ın yerine, ...»

«... and fine-detailed specifications of goods with which, just like the fabled EU regulations on the curvature of certain vegetables, one is surprised and even dismayed to see the European world’s ...»

«... countries badly mismanage oil, mining resources: study. article/ 2013/05/15/us-resources-management- idUSBRE94E05V20130515 . (2009). Premier Wen defends China’s ...»

«... to launch a nuclear strike against Imperial Japan. His order to attack Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, was carried out in no small part by my uncle, Maj. Tom Ferebee. He was the bombardier ...»


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