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«... The magic of the peace symbol, by Steven Heller for Design Observer (2008) World’s best known protest symbol turns 50, on the BBC website (2008) The untold story of the peace sign, excerpted ...»

«... behavior. The answer may lie in yawning. People who catch contagious yawns tend to score higher on empathy tests , and children with autism who have difficulty empathizing also catch fewer yawns . ...»

«... of about 66 percent.” The article digs deep into his health. And here we are again, in an article about McCain allowing a peek at his records: “McCain, a cancer survivor, is particularly ...»

«... ran a special on April 1, 2008, all about McCain’s health. And then this one: McCain faces questions on age, health. There were serious concerns over McCain’s past skin cancers and his age (it ...»

«... tangible support. Reuters , 21 mai. 2015. Disponível em: < article/ us-egypt-christians-sisi-idUSKBN0O61A720150521>;. KINGSLEY, Patrick. Egypt’s Rabaa massacre: one year on , ...»

«... it became the utmost version of that. We’re pretty sure the piece Lane is referring to is this one. Previously on FishbowlNY: John Slattery: From Spotlight to The Front Page»


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