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«... ay rarely live up to air billing. are have been some notable ones, of course, such as a eleventh hour release of George W. Bush’s 1976 DWI arrest in Maine mere weeks before voters went to a ...»

«... 100% sure of their affiliation, donate directly through the charity’s main website. After Hurricane Katrina, several people were convicted of impersonating Red Cross workers and dozens of ...»

«... on romantic getaways in this Middle Eastern metropolis. In 2010, a British couple spent a month in jail after they were caught kissing in public. Technically, unmarried couples aren’t even ...»

«... foods to your diet and see how well your body starts to feel. Sources 2/hi/ health/ 6684757.stm articles/ 10.1186/1475-2891-3-5 ...»

«... appeared in The New York Times, 7/22; via Pam Green.) When Jack Lemmon, the Oscar-winning actor, died of cancer at age 76 in 2001, his son, Chris, began writing down memories of the complex man he ...»

«... no evidence to the contrary. He currently opposes wind farms. Ref.: go/ pr/ fr/ -/1/hi/ uk_politics/ 5149676.stm It is worth spending a little time following links on the internet ...»

«... that can make their own zombies. 195. (July 14). 2010: Fossil find shows Velociraptor eating another dinosaur. Of course, we know that Velociraptor ate other dinosaurs, but seeing it ...»

«... for building the Silver Line above ground in Tysons, which happened because the Feds would have walked away otherwise. So he can take a good deal of credit for the Silver Line but it’s also ...»


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