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«... política de finales de los años 90 y principios del nuevo siglo. El nuevo centro, la tercera vía, o el centrismo del presidente norteamericano ofrecían un conjunto coherente de axiomas que ...»

«1 OF 9. Pro-Russian separatists sit on a tank at a position outside the town of Olenivka near the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, September 2, 2014. (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenk ... »

«Fuerzas estadounidenses llevan a cabo operaciones contra Al-Shabaab en Somalia WASHINGTON mar 02 de septiembre 2014 12:46a.m. EDT 1 DE 5. soldados de Al Shabaab se sientan fuera de un edificio durante ... »

«... on" to the growing ranks of insurgents, President Bush offered this lone lament in an August 29, 2004 interview with Time magazine: "Had we had to do it [the invasion of Iraq] over again, we would ...»

«... fat and protein have been commonly used for weight loss since Dr. Robert Atkins popularized the approach in the 1970s. Among the longstanding criticisms is that these diets cause people to lose ...»


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