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«... court. Which is why GP was a top-notch trash talker. In fact, he told Dan Patrick in a 1999 ESPN The Magazine interview, that he once went so far to tell former Nets center Jamie Feick, ...»

«... programs. The same cannot, however, be said about his time in the NFL. In 2007, Petrino up and left the Atlanta Falcons after only 13 games in charge. He has been a college coach ever since, ...»

«... .651 Pct. Lou Holtz is an absolute coaching legend. He will always be remembered, and has been honored, for his time coaching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was during his tenure here that he ...»

«... domination. Let’s look at the numbers from 2001-2009: 91 wins (reduced to 83 because of NCAA sanctions), seven seasons with at least 10 wins, seven career Bowl Wins, and AP National ...»

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