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«... stole his gun). He’s now a free man after serving 5 years in prison. mlb/ news/ story? id=2256632 2003 was a momentous World Series for Venezuelans: 20-year-old Miguel ...»

«... just say I was a "person"--who recoiled in disgust at deals like A-Rod's ( twice!) and Ryan Howard's. How could anyone be worth such obscene amounts of money? How could somebody even ask for ...»

«... by saying the Ball Coach could go through the interview process. He actually withdrew his name from the search. Foley might have looked like a genius during the first part of the Urban Meyer ...»

«... conference. When asked about his offensive philosophy and what makes a great offense, Petrino said: “You have to be able to run the football when you want to, and run the football when you have ...»

«... Plummer watched a flashy young quarterback with a million-dollar arm and a 10-cent head take his job as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Cutler’s raw athletic talent was ...»

«... about his Miami Heat having to play on the road on Christmas Day, as did Phil Jackson several years earlier


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