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OkTrends · 1 day ago
I’m the first to admit it: we might be popular, we might create a lot of great relationships, we might blah blah blah. But OkCupid doesn’t really know what it’s doing. Neither does any other website. It’s not like people have been building these things for very long, or you can go look up a […]
Bored Panda · 4 days ago
After creating an awesome post about funny cat markings, we wondered whether we couldn’t find some fun photos of other animals with interesting, funny or cute markings. We totally did – here’s 25 of them! Animal markings form randomly (within certain genetic guidelines), so sometimes they can’t ...
25 Animals Famous For Their Unusual Fur Markings
creadienstag · 14 hours ago
#134 · 1 day ago
The Delta Aquarid meteor shower is peaking from tonight (July 28) into Tuesday, and even if you can't catch the cosmic show in person, you can still see live views of the annual shower online tonight.
New You Magazine · 6 days ago
The Effervescent Ms. Banks Dynamic actor-producer-director and Listerine spokesperson Elizabeth Banks keeps delighting the Hollywood crowd while keeping life solid and happy at home. BY Anne Garzouzie PHOTOGRAPH by James White/Corbis Outline It took Elizabeth Banks—the irresistible and quick-witted ... · 5 hours ago
DMX lost his damn mind riding the Sling Shot in Orlando ... and thank the lord someone had the good sense to record the whole thing. X had our editors working overtime to bleep all the expletives he was hurling out ... and that was before the…
Tastefully Offensive · 17 hours ago
[ submitted by worldwideinterweb]
Introducing 'No Choice' Frozen Dinners (Commercial Parody)
Blog · 4 days ago
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 25, 2014 Contact: Farah Diaz-Tello (212) 255-9252; (347) 829-4226 Florida Hospital Says It Will Force Pregnant Woman to Have Cesarean Surgery Federal Court Won’t Issue Emergency Order to Prevent Forced Surgery Ft. Myers, FL – A ...
BuzzFeed - Latest · 21 hours ago
Smiling from head to tail over here. View Video › View Entire List ›
This Woman Can Play Her Adorable Dog Like A Musical Instrument And ...
 · 1 day ago
I take four medications each day. Two for my mental health, one for my fibromyalgia, and one for my allergies. My husband also takes a couple. My four year old daughter, Delilah, has on more than one occasion expressed an interest in having her own “vitamins” like ours. I probably don’t need to tell ...
Silly Toy Company, Pills Are Not For Kids.
Arutz Sheva News · 1 day ago
Most Israeli Jews are 'very satisfied' with the IDF operation in Gaza, Netanyahu's leadership - but still believe in two-state solution.
Poll: Overwhelming Support for IDF Operation, Netanyahu
9to5Mac · 14 hours ago
YouTuber iCrackUriDevice has published a video featuring what could be the rear housing for Apple’s upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone 6. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this part appear on video, but this is definitely the best quality video so far. There’s no solid proof that Apple is actually ...
Alleged iPhone 6 housing makes another on-screen appearance, ugly ...
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