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knifeandlighter: trashbagtricks: jerfreyy: Kim Jong Un Would Really Hate For You To Watch This, Which Is Exactly Why You Should so fucking moving and people have the nerve to reblog ...»

«Go to idjfgY for oxyelite pro thermogenic, free shipping + up to 25% discount. And get on our email list for more Amazon ...»

«... look him up. He worked many high-profile cases and is excellent in his line of work. Do watch his explanation. Darren Wilson is a trained police officer. He was trained to work under pressure and ...»

«This week has seen one of the biggest films of my generation release a trailer for its next instalment. The Jurassic World trailer came out on Tuesday night – three days before its previous schedule ... »

«... this one up too: He was shot from behind, running away and fleeing like we see in the surveillance tape where he is running for his life The police originally claimed that he was swinging his ...»


therival: jadebrieanne: Lawrence O’Donnell LOL Destroys Ferguson Prosecutor’s (Robert McCulloch) Reliance On “Key” Witness If you watch ONE video about the Grand Jury’s decision, watc ... »

«... とりあえずLINK ** Spinning : JIJIPRESS watch? v=dM92hNUVup8 GYAO: player/ 00071/v09963/v1000000000000002324/ ...»

«Click here to listen in 100 languages. On this Thanksgiving, I thank God for the talents and gifts that He has bestowed upon my family and me and that is no doubt the reason why I love to see people d ... »

«... for 4 and a half hours. No ambulance was called. The police didn’t even let Michaels mother see the body of her son. She later talked to reporters at the scene. In the later afternoon, this image ...»

«El día de ayer, a través de la cuenta de Twitter se dio a conocer que el trailer sería conocido a través de iTunes, de Apple y no solo en los cines seleccionados en Estados Unidos. Por fin llegó ... »

«... holding a puppy…because McMillian made them “feel threatened” and gave them “ dehumanizing stares” 3. Author and CNN contributor keithboykin: how the AP slandered Renisha McBride even ...»

masroora: khushamdeed: szaghloul: sikoot: Bassem Masri from Ferguson, on CNN. "There’s blood on the street and you’re worried about words." Go the fuck off Bassem!!! Power Bassem Masri was ... »

bass-whore: bass-whore: I hope you’ve all heard this song. If not, here it is. Listen to this and think about what’s going on in our corrupt, racist country. Spread this shit like wildfire. ... »

«... Teen Mike Brown Surrendered & Shot By Police Officer All 4 eyewitness accounts of the MURDER of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri CNN Obtains Video of Witness Describing Brown Shooting ...»

« 【動画】 指示書は、これ attrip これは、やりたくない。。 【動画】 の詳細を見る。 @attrip (アットトリップ) >